Welcome to Panza Baby!

Panza Baby is run by Gabbie, with help from Panza, her pup who enjoys all kinds of treats. Panza Baby was created to express my passion for food, social justice and body positivity and the intersection of all of these things. This blog is a space dedicated to body positivity and body neutrality. See this post and this post to read about it. I don't believe in diets but I do believe in having a good, satisfying relationship with food.

The word “panza” means “belly” in Spanish but has some special meanings beyond its literal translation. Many people believe that your soul lives in your belly, which is what we’re feeding, literally, with food and with other pursuits that make our souls happy. While growing up my dad would always tickle our panzas and my dog, and the namesake of the blog, had the cutest puppy belly, hence the name.

So more about me! I was born in Sacramento, California. Moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then to Seattle, Washington. I grew up in a suburb of Seattle called Redmond. I went to Wisconsin for college and lived a while in Chicago and Mexico. I then moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico for work and now I'm in Santa Barbara, California. I love to travel and live in different places, all of which inspire my cooking and baking endeavors.